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Family with Tablet

Our Story

At times life can feel overwhelming. The day to day duties along with unexpected situations, sick loved ones, financial stressors, etc. can leave you feeling lost, frustrated, and depressed. Often time’s thoughts like “What’s wrong with me? Everyone else seems to have it together” or “I’m supposed to be stronger than this” seem to take over. This can leave you feeling hopeless and helpless. L.S.B. & Kids Matter Consulting Services is here to change feeling hopeless into feeling hopeful. L.S.B. & Kids Matters First Consulting Services services individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, and adults. Here at L.S.B. & Kids Matter Consulting Services, we recognize that each person, couple, family, and situation is unique and provide an individualized treatment approach to address your specific challenges. We offer evening and weekend (Saturday's) appointments to accommodate various schedules. Please see the detailed list of services below. 

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